Introducing: Gelato Pops!

Introducing: Gelato Pops!

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Vanilla Gelato Pop!

February 14th may be Valentine’s Day, or the Day of Love, but here at Teo, we’re already spreading the love a week early! Just because we LOVE our customers, we LOVE Austin, and we LOVE gelato, we’re excited to announce our latest treat: Gelato Pops! This idea came straight from Italy, where our owner Teo just returned from as an attendee at the international gelato conference at the end of January!

Let’s face it, anything on a stick is just that much more fun. Hot Dog on a Stick, Shish Kebab, Turkey Legs, Fondue, and even the post-cupcake craze: cake balls on a stick. But, we’re here to scoot cake balls out of the way (in a friendly way of course) because we are strong believers that our Gelato Pops will become the next trend! Simple, dipped, drizzled, any way you like them – but always on a stick. How do we know there’s potential for this dessert craze? Since we launched them last week, we can’t keep our freezer case stocked fast enough!


Chocolate Dusted Gelato Pop

So, because we LOVE our new gelato pops and we know you LOVE them too, we’re selling them this Friday, Saturday, and on Valentine’s Day – February 14th, until they’re all gone! But, not to worry, we’re still selling our hand-crafted Italian gelato the original way – with cup and cute little mini spoon.

Grab your honey and stop by for something sweet this Valentine’s week! If you do, chances are, they’ll love you just a little bit more!

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