about Tèo

who we are

Barrista at Teo Espresso

Tèo brings the best of Italy to Austin: imported fine chocolates, world-class espresso, unforgettable gelato, and a beautiful caffe to enjoy it all in style. “Bella vita” is what they call it in Italy…in Austin, we call it “Tèo”. Stop in for a mocha in the morning. Try a gelato on a hot afternoon. Take home some of the world’s best espresso, the Magnifici 10 +1. Or just hang out with a cup of coffee and the free Wi-Fi. Come share the experience!

our mission

Tèo pledges to create the finest Italian gelatos and sorbettos with the freshest natural ingredients the market has to offer. We also pledge to make the best traditional Italian espresso drinks from the best coffee beans hand roasted by our Italian and American artisan roasters. Most of all, Tèo pledges to share the joys of the Austin and Italian lifestyle where eating, drinking and spending time together isn’t a special occasion, it’s a way of life.

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