Gelato Facts

What is gelato and where did it come from?

Gelato dates back to 16th Century Florence, Italy.  It was in Florence that gelato was first served to the Court of Francessco de Medici whose descendant, Lorenzo de Medici, in fact, would later play a role in assisting the Tèo founder.  With its intense flavors created from the freshest seasonal ingredients, farm fresh milk and handmade perfection, gelato became the pride of Italy and then the world.

Does Tèo make their gelato the old-fashioned way?
As it was in the 16th Century, at Tèo, making our Italian gelato is a time intensive ritual we perform onsite everyday!  The process starts with our Italian trained Gelatai choosing market fresh ingredients.  With ingredients in hand, the day’s flavors are chosen from a collection of more than 500 recipes.  The gelato is then slowly beaten and stirred so as little air as possible is added which results in a creamy, full flavored frozen explosion in your mouth.

Can Italian ice cream possibly be good for you?
Gelato isn’t ice cream as Americans define it.  Premium ice cream is made with 14-30% heavy whipping cream and butterfat.  Tèo Gelato is made with whole milk and thus has only 4-6% butterfat content, compared to ice cream’s 14% to 30% so with gelato, you actually taste the fruit & true flavors instead of the fat.  Tèo rich & creamy gelato means all the sin without the guilt!

Fat-free, creamy sorbettos?  How are those made?
Our sorbettos are made with a simple list of natural ingredients including the freshest fruit the market has to offer and no dairy.  When you taste our sorbetto, you taste the fruit because it comes from the fruit.

It is the Italian way to serve you in any and all ways.  If you have any other questions, ask any Tèo Gelatista about our delicious gelati and they’ll be glad to tell you more.

Nutritional Values

Vanilla ( SMALL serving size of 100g)
Calories Total Fat (g) Sugars (g)
TEO 160 6.0 23
Häagen-Dazs 274 17 25
Marble Slab 236 15 23
Baskin Robbins 230 14 23
Cold Stone 235 14 20
Amy’s(per Livestong web site) 286 18.6 23
Sorbetto (SMALL serving size of 100g)
Our Sorbetto is made with Purified Water – No Dairy!!!
Calories Total Fat (g) Sugars (g)
TEO 90 0 25
Häagen-Dazs 105 0 32
Marble Slab 80 0 17
Baskin Robbins 141 1.8 30
Cold Stone 117 0 25
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